“InspiriTec looks at you for the person you are and the work you do, not the medical condition that you have.”

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InspiriTec’s employees are our key asset and the fruit of our mission. Each real-life story below reveals the impact made possible through our partnerships with commercial customers and the dedication of our committed supporters.

Adib • Information Technology Specialist • Philadelphia

adibI started with InspiriTec on March 1, 2005. Before I started working at InspiriTec, I was taking classes at Temple University for Electrical Engineering. Prior to that I was working at bagel store.

This is my first office job. It’s given me exposure to people from different backgrounds. I’m patient and courteous. I think that customers can sense that I want to help them. I feel I can be patient with irate customers and help make people feel that there is still hope. I am proud of being able to assist the customers that deserve the help we can provide. I hadn’t worked in an office environment in my adult life. Now, I am able to feel more comfortable around people.

Most importantly, this job has allowed me to be self-sufficient. I’m able to help my parents take care of bills. My long-term goal is to go back to school to study Computer Science and then help my father expand his business. With my InspiriTec experience, I have more knowledge of computer software and hardware due to the help of Peter Johnson and now feel comfortable in learning more in this field. Through time I’ve become more confident in my ability to learn and pass on the knowledge to others.

Adib’s success as a Information Technology Specialist in our Philadelphia office is made possible by our caring staff, customers and supporters.

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