“Here at InspiriTec, there are people to help train, educate and encourage you to be all you can be.”

We pride ourselves on making your contact center a point of pride. With decades of experience across a variety of industries, our team can tackle any and all aspects of your contact center needs — from requirements definition, planning, and development through ongoing operations — and specializes in providing efficient solutions for complex challenges, like extensive call handler training or complex systems integration.

Our team of in-house trainers and system integration professionals combine to offer you a customized, cost-efficient and effective solution. And our carefully screened and highly trained team of customer service professionals deliver quality and caring service that sets you apart. All of our call handlers receive least six weeks of targeted information processing and customer service training to prepare them for the exact type of challenges they’ll encounter in your contact center environment.

Our specific resources, experiences and services include:

Our Services

  • IT help desk (Tier I and II)
  • Information and referral lines
  • 24x7 telephone answering services
  • After-hours emergency and crisis support
  • Customer service lines and complaint processing
  • Employee response services
  • Facility reservations and payment processing
  • Inbound order processing
  • Media information lines
  • Outbound surveys
  • Overflow support

Our Technology

  • Skills based call routing
  • Easily managed queues
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), IVR, CTI capabilities
  • Voice over IP support
  • Flexible automated attendant and voicemail
  • Robust reporting and call monitoring capabilities
  • High-speed voice and data service
  • Automated customer satisfaction processing
  • Backup, redundancy, disaster planning and documentation

Our service offering is built around our Return on Inspiration model. For contact centers, we have a number key deliverables that fall under our ROI approach.


Needs Analysis

Analysis and Modeling

We use standard contact center sizing tools (Erlang “B” and “C”) to determine the number of lines and agents required to handle the estimated call loads for your stated service levels. The model uses historical and projected data (i.e. number of calls per hour, average duration of call, average, allowable delay of calls, among others) to study the various implications of varying call volumes and call types on staffing requirements and phone lines.

Planning and Documentation

InspiriTec provides a comprehensive assessment of all project elements including facilities, personnel, and technology to understand, in a detailed fashion, the entire range of systems requirements and organizational structure, and to develop the specific blueprint. This planning includes items such as: a) an Operational Assessment; b) the Technical Design Report; c) Comprehensive Test/Readiness Assessment Plan; and d) Transition Plan.


Culture Immersion


Our approach to staffing is designed to make sure that our people fully understand your customer base and how to best serve them. We have successfully met hiring requirements involving: Spanish language, security clearance and other background clearance eligibility, IT skills, military policy/procedure knowledge, among others. InspiriTec is an affirmative employer of people with disabilities, veterans and disadvantaged individuals. InspiriTec receives the bulk of its referrals directly from State and Military Vocational Rehabilitation sources.


Technology Integration

Phone System and Network Installation and Operation

Our network engineers address development and installation of telephone systems required to accommodate your project’s specific business application needs. Our team can procure and install all of the information technology (ACD/phone system, connectivity, desktops, etc.) required to establish your contact center. Our engineers configure the phone system to meet the specific needs of each project which may include functionality such as: IVR operation, web chat, voice mail messages, skills-based all routing, remote monitoring and extensive reporting.

CRM Systems Development or other support IT applications

If required, InspiriTec’s in-house application development team can design, code, test and implement a system for tracking, recording and reporting of call data. Call scripting, knowledge database, web integration can be integrated to meet the requirements of the project.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

To support continuity of operations during an emergency, InspiriTec develops a strategy for maintaining operations for an extended period of time (as per customer’s requirements). The DR plan will describe how a crisis will impact the operations and the proposed remedy for various events such as: phone system failure (circuits or equipment); failure of network connection/Internet connectivity failure; problem with the facility (water, fire or weather) or Pandemic Response (and inclement weather).


Tech Training

Candidates that pass the review and evaluation process are invited to participate in our custom-designed, full-time training program. Typically, a one week pre-employment training program will be provided to ensure that all candidates meet minimum levels of proficiency with required computer applications and are aware of our unique corporate culture as well as the resources that are available to each employee. The first group of CSR trainees usually includes at least one training materials developer, one trainer, and a QA specialist.

Reporting and Metrics

InspiriTec is adept at data storage and reporting. InspiriTec develops ACD, CRM, and QA systems to capture pertinent data for meaningful operational reporting (including SLA tracking). The reports provide your management team with up-to-date operational data and charts for quick identification of operational anomalies that allow management and/or your vendors and partners to be proactive to trends and respond to bottlenecks, areas needing improvement, and training needs for staff.

Continuous Improvement

Quality Assurance

InspiriTec’s Quality Control methodology combines an integrated technology and industry best-practice process that has been time-tested over the past decade with several other contracts. While ACD-generated management reports will alert management to successes and problems related to service level, staffing and call processing time, a critical key to identifying quality customer service delivery is an effective Quality Assurance program. Comprehensive call observations identify drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and also include customer treatment behaviors, compliance, and accuracy.