“Regardless of what limitations I have, InspiriTec has given me the opportunity to work and to be a contributing member of society.”

At InspiriTec, we’re committed to helping people with disabilities launch a career in the contact center or information technology fields.

Whether you’re a disabled individual that is a first time job-seeker or are changing careers, InspiriTec offers employment and training programs. We start by understanding your goals and strengths so that we can customize an employment plan that fits your needs. As both an employer of people with disabilities and a traditional vocational rehabilitation provider, our training is practical and customized to meet the needs of the disabled population.
When you’ve completed our initial training and screening programs, we help match you with a job with InspiriTec or another employer that suits your skills and personality. Once you’ve landed a job, our case management team provides on-going support and resources to help you improve your skills and thrive, whether by continuous job training or through helping to arrange childcare or acquire a workplace wardrobe.

Our collaborative, supportive approach ensures that our trainees and employees are positioned to succeed.