“InspiriTec has helped me become a more independent person and enabled me to become a success not only at work but also in my life.”

We know that experience is crucial when you’re trying to launch a new career, which is why vocational training is a central to our process. We are a premier vocational training provider, uniquely positioned to help disabled people acquire the skills they need to excel in the contact center and IT fields.

Once we understand your career goals and your capabilities, we develop a customized training program for your desired position:

  • Our Information Technology training targets several high growth occupations, including, software engineer, systems analyst, database development, computer data entry and web development.
  • Our Contact Center training is employer-direct, meaning that it is targeted to a specific role at a specific company. Our curriculum provides a foundation in computer and customer service skills, and focuses on teaching employees the essentials for their specific position as pre-determined by the employer. Using this  approach, a very high percentage of our graduates land jobs.