“Regardless of what limitations I have, InspiriTec has given me the opportunity to work and to be a contributing member of society.”

Success at work is about more than having job-related skills, it’s about having the support and resources necessary to overcome the inevitable challenges that you’ll face as a person with disabilities. At InspiriTec, we have a caring and comprehensive staff of credentialed social workers and case managers who serve as that crucial support team for all of our trainees and employees.

InspiriTec Case Managers, using a structured approach to social work, perform comprehensive intake assessments, develop individualized work plans, provide information and referrals to other resource agencies, serve as advocates for services, monitor training and progress in achieving case service objectives, and provide direct counseling.

We know that our trainees and employees often face unique challenges related to their disabilities that may require specific workplace accommodations. But they also face the same challenges that any working person does: transportation, child care, medical care, accessible and affordable housing and clothing. Our case management staff is dedicated to providing the common and not-so-common resources necessary to achieve independence and excellence in the workplace.