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Service Desk Support to Help the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Human Services Meet Critical Deadlines



In September of 2014, the Pennsylvania Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) sought a provider to establish the Child Welfare Information Solution (CWIS) Service Desk.  The CWIS was an entirely new application that the state developed to track and receive child abuse reports.  The service desk was a necessary aspect of the program’s implementation that needed to be ready by December 2014 to meet regulatory deadlines.



Beyond making sure that the new support center was appropriately staffed, we also employed a number of technology solutions to get the CWIS Service Desk off the ground quickly and effectively.  DHS asked us to deploy and utilize our own phone system to be accessible to more than 100 state employees.  Knowing there was little room for error to meet the December deadline, we worked efficiently to create the necessary technology infrastructure for the phone system as well as other key needs including a ticketing system.

As we tackle the technology challenges, we mobilized and trained 40 representatives for launch.  By December 29, 2014, our team was in place and prepared to answer calls.  Our training included the creation of a tiered response protocol that escalated more complex calls to DHS Office of Children, Youth and Family.  Tier 1 calls were handled by InspiriTec representatives accounted for user issues related to:

  • Basic system navigation and functionality
  • System access
  • Checking the status of clearance certifications
  • Checking the status of referrals
  • Password resets

Our solution resulted in an on-time delivery for a critical state service and a 98.6% customer satisfaction rating once the center was up and running.