“InspiriTec has helped me become a more independent person and enabled me to become a success not only at work but also in my life.”

We know it’s possible to deliver world-class contact center and IT support services while also delivering compassionate human services because we do it every day. Integrating a culture of caring with a proven process for performance, our Return on Inspiration ModelTM delivers business results for our clients and personal growth for our employees.

Click the tabs below to see how our model works for both of the audiences we serve. For our customers, learn how our unique approach ensures the highest quality contact center support services. For our employees, learn how our unique approach helps them develop and apply superior skills for career advancement.

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More on Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis

We know the challenges that come with working with an outside agency for contact center support. That’s why we begin every engagement with an assessment of all project elements including facilities, personnel and technology to understand, in a detailed fashion, the entire range of systems requirements and organizational structure, and to develop a specific project blueprint. We then create a tailored program with the right resources and plans in place. Requirements analysis includes:

  • Site acquisition, set up and fit-out
  • Technology and data systems
  • Staffing and training
  • Reporting and quality assurance
  • KPI alignment and performance standards
  • Timing and budgeting
  • Transition planning
More on Culture Immersion

Culture Immersion

We know that high-quality contact center service is linked to high-value cultures. We make sure that every one of our employees fully understands our clients’ customer base and how to best serve that base by familiarizing them with project-specific service and cultural elements, which are reinforced by specific exercises that include:

  • Client values training
  • Client service philosophy
  • Customer needs mapping
  • Team integration and partnership
More on Technology Deployment and Systems Integration

Technology Deployment and Systems Integration

Our telephone and network engineers address development and installation of telephone systems required to accommodate a project’s specific business application needs. Our team can procure and install all of the information technology (ACD/phone system, connectivity, desktops, etc.) required to establish the contact center. Our engineers configure the phone system to meet the needs of each project, which may include functionality such as:

  • IVR operation/web chat/voice mail messages
  • Skills-based routing
  • CRM/Ticketing systems
  • Redundancy/Disaster recovery
  • Knowledge database
  • Web integration
More on Tech Training

Tech Training

Once the right technology tools are in place we’ll put the right people in place to use them. Our extensive training programs include:

  • Tech tutorials
  • Pilot testing and training
  • Ongoing performance coaching
  • Assessment and certification (example Help Desk Institute HDI certification)
More on Reporting and Metrics

Reporting and Metrics

We use the most advanced measurement and monitoring tools in the industry. Using a KPI dashboard we’ll track metrics in real-time to give you up-to-the-minute data on our performance. In addition, we have the capabilities to provide remote (live and recorded) monitoring tools to clients via the web. We evaluate:

  • Call and ticketing statistics
  • KPI reporting and trend analysis
  • Automated ACD and ad hoc reporting
  • Customized satisfaction surveys
More on Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

We analyze and synthesize the metrics we track and turn them into actionable steps to improve the way we work and serve our clients’ organization. We implement a Quality Assurance Process using tools to regularly monitor and score live calls and recorded calls. We use these call monitoring evaluations to drive coaching and to determine training needs for individual agents or the contact center as a whole. Call Monitoring tools are developed in cooperation with our clients. Major elements of our QA process include:

  • Inspection
  • Corrective action
  • Record retention system
  • Customer communication/Feedback

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More on Needs Analysis

Needs Analysis

At InspiriTec, we understand that employees with disabilities and other disadvantages have their own set of unique needs and challenges. We offer a supportive work environment for people with significant disabilities and multiple barriers to employment. We have an onsite team of case managers who are professional social workers embedded into the operational structure. When we bring on new team members our case managers work with those team members to identify employment solutions unique to them. Our focus is on setting realistic vocational goals, needed strategies and accommodations to enhance their employment success. Case managers share their resources and expertise to develop individualized work plans to maximize talents. This effort considers:

  • Intake, assessment and plan development
  • Job training and modeling
  • Confidential counseling
  • Accommodation management
  • Benefit and financial planning assistance
  • Crisis intervention and advocacy
More on Culture Immersion

Culture Immersion

At InspiriTec, embodying our mission is essential to our success and the success of all our employees. We work to foster a collaborative, family-like environment in all of our offices, while adhering to our company’s core values. From the executive levels to our frontline employees, our organization upholds the principles of servant leadership – the philosophy that leaders should share power and put the needs of others first. Through mentorship, company values orientation and team building exercises, our employees are provided the tools needed to excel professionally and personally, while upholding the company’s mission. Working at InspiriTec is not like working anywhere else. For many of our employees, a career with us is more than just job; it’s a way of life.
More on Tech Integration

Tech Integration

Many of our most dedicated and successful employees perform their job duties with the aid of assistive technology (AT). We work with our employees to ensure they have the latest AT and tools needed to excel at their job duties. We also work with our customers to ensure their systems are compliant with those that use AT. We are experienced in integrating assistive technologies such as:

  • Screen readers
  • Desktop magnifiers
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Amplified telephone equipment
  • Various ergonomic devices
More on Tech Training

Tech Training

Once you’re up to speed on what our culture is all about, we’ll work with you to teach you everything you need to know about the specific programs and technology we use every day. Our training programs are detailed, thorough and designed to fully prepare our employees so they can provide the highest level of service to our customers. Some of the components of our training program include:

  • User interface and hands-on education
  • Custom designed knowledge bases
  • Software tutorials
  • Pilot testing and training
More on Reporting and Metrics

Reporting and Metrics

We work with employees to track and measure both individual performance and group performance on the job. We regularly meet with employees to track and record personal and professional goals in addition to providing real-time updates on reporting. Our custom designed applications allow us to provide detailed feedback to our staff which in turn allows them to focus on specific areas for improvement.
More on Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Our case management team works with our employees to make sure that they are always striving towards improvement and personal achievement. The goal of our team is to provide attentive and compassionate human services so that our trainees and colleagues can achieve, sustain and develop the independence that comes with having a job.