“InspiriTec looks at you for the person you are and the work you do, not the medical condition that you have.”

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InspiriTec’s employees are our key asset and the fruit of our mission. Each real-life story below reveals the impact made possible through our partnerships with commercial customers and the dedication of our committed supporters.

Justin • Tier 1 Help Desk Analyst • Wyomissing

In December, 2012, I received a phone call from my OVR counselor about a possible job with InspiriTec. When I learned that it was for an IT related job, I asked, “Who do I need to contact and what do I need to do to apply for the position?” About a week after e-mailing my resume, I got a phone interview. After the phone interview, I was scheduled for an in-person interview. I was extremely excited to learn that I would be answering phone calls for the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) and utilizing computer software to create service tickets. I had to go through extensive training to prepare for PSP project. In addition to the customer training, I was required to complete a Help Desk Information (HDI), Support Center Analyst preparation course; which was then followed by an exam. In order for me to gain the HDI certificate, I had to pass the exam with an 80% or higher. I completed all of the required training, and passed the HDI exam! This new job with InspiriTec has given me the opportunity to better myself, purchase a car, and find a place of my own. My suggestion to others with disabilities looking for a job is – “Believe in yourself!”

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