“InspiriTec looks at you for the person you are and the work you do, not the medical condition that you have.”

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InspiriTec’s employees are our key asset and the fruit of our mission. Each real-life story below reveals the impact made possible through our partnerships with commercial customers and the dedication of our committed supporters.

Charles • HRSC Team Lead Customer Care Representative • Ft. Knox

Having a disability is more than physical and more than just about the disability; it changes your life, career and those around you who care. At 18 I married my high school sweetheart without any issues and not an argument, everything was great. During my career in the Military I strived to be the best Soldier possible and being acknowledged for more than I ever thought. I was Military Police, not the most liked but I loved my job. Then I found out I was sick, not like a cold, and would not be able to perform full duties. Of course I ignored what was said, this was the life I wanted. My illness developed, I lost weight and blood afterwards with no future hope of continuing a great life. Through multiple doctors, specialists and these tests no one could pin point what was wrong; most said my blood was infected, not contagious.

This still never stopped me, my Unit found another position I could do, being the Maintenance technician for multiple WW2 buildings that we were living in. This was a large task, buildings that old carried asbestos and had internal structural issues, with limited training and experience I did a lot of training with others units. Eventually turning our building into an example that WW2 buildings are livable and can be fixed without tearing the building apart, the credit I received was no less for me then those within our unit. Upon the completion I received acknowledgement from the Joint Chief of Staff and our Installation Commander themselves. This made me feel that my disability would not change me, which was not the case.

Eventually I got worse, more hospital visits and appointments. I was a risk, unknown illness that made me weak to were everyday activities were limited. Once found barely awake unable to know my surroundings, could not yell, my body was too weak to move. Then eventually my wife left me as the stress became unbearable, the Army Medically retired me. I thought everything was over and I was alone. Started taking pills that exceeded 12 different types a day, then I exited the Army July 2009 and started looking for work.

From July 2009 till January 2012 this seemed impossible that I would ever be accepted into regular society and have a career again. When my daughter was born I was worried I could never provide or that she would have a life. Emotionally this is the hardest thing to admit is that you would give up, I did for awhile until some Veterans I know helped me with Resume and job searching. Even through the hundreds of resumes submissions and few interviews had still no luck. Then Jan 2012 I received a job interview with the HRSC who was a NISH company, a week later I received a job offer.

Starting off I was not with Inspiritec but they were the prime of the contract and took care of everyone. Now being Inspiritec they have provided screens to assist with the migraines, they understand I have appointments and not judged or scrutinized for that, they want me to make sure I receive the medical care needed. Never have I heard of a company care so much for their employees to were even the CEO even comes down to visit and check on how the employees are. I’m not judged here or discriminated for my age or the disabilities I may have, but welcomed as someone who a person is just trying to earn a living and have a satisfactory life.

Being only 23 my family likes to say I hit my mid life crisis early being Retired and divorced, lost everything including hope but came back to realize that I have another chance and that I could never give up or not be thankful for everything I have. To make it through a day I have a pill for everything it seems like which are needed to make it through a day.

I really do thank InspiriTec and most will never know that a job that excepts anyone who has the will and drive to work without judgment on their disability is a life saver to us.

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