“InspiriTec looks at you for the person you are and the work you do, not the medical condition that you have.”

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InspiriTec’s employees are our key asset and the fruit of our mission. Each real-life story below reveals the impact made possible through our partnerships with commercial customers and the dedication of our committed supporters.

Ryan • Senior Software Programmer • Philadelphia

ryanI have been working for InspiriTec nearly since its inception. To do my job, I use adaptive software called ZoomText. This application both enlarges and provides speech output of the text on the computer screen. InspiriTec provided this software when I began working here, even though I was familiar with it from previous experience.

The company has also made sure that the latest versions and updates are on my system to stay compatible with the newest operating systems and software. With ZoomText, I can easily review code I am working on, and create and review e-mails and documents. This software allows me to communicate effectively with co-workers and managers, and meet deadlines.

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