“InspiriTec looks at you for the person you are and the work you do, not the medical condition that you have.”

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InspiriTec’s employees are our key asset and the fruit of our mission. Each real-life story below reveals the impact made possible through our partnerships with commercial customers and the dedication of our committed supporters.

Jackie • Customer Service Representative • Ft. Knox

In 2002, approximately two and half years prior to my retirement from the Army, my wife noticed that when I fall asleep I stop breathing and, after a few seconds, I suddenly gasp for air. I went to the doctor and had a sleep study. During the study, I stopped breathing 87 times, with the longest period being 32 seconds. I had so much brain activity during my sleep that it seemed as though I had a wild party going on inside my head! I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and was issued a CPAP (Controlled Positive Air Pressure) machine. Prior to being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, I was serving as the Battalion Chief Instructor in an Armor Unit at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Prior to this, I served approximately 13 years on tanks (an assignment that would eventually lead to a Tinnitus hearing loss diagnosed in 2012), and 3 years as a Drill Sergeant. My background was very consistent and showed a steady progression of achievement; however, I had no idea how difficult it would be to land my first job after leaving the Army. Although I was told I had been placed on the priority placement program in the government sector, since my job was transferred to Fort Benning, Ga., and I would have priority over new hires, I never heard anything from the Civilian Personnel Administration Center.

I was unemployed for 6 months, and I felt absolutely useless to my family. Throughout my marriage and career, my wife Michelle, has stood by me through thick and thin. She constantly ensured me during my unemployment period that, things were going to be alright, and that all things happen for a reason. You know, it’s kind of funny because, Michelle and I only dated for 6 months before we married and, we just celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary in March. I know I made a wise choice. I submitted so many resumes that I lost count, but my persistence finally paid off. I finally received one interview opportunity, and that was InspiriTec’s offer. I now serve as a Customer Care Representative in Fort Knox, Kentucky, providing service by answering phone calls regarding a wide range of issues pertaining to the Army and Human Resources such as retirement pay, orders for deployment or reassignment, Combat Related Special Compensation, Traumatic Service-member’s Life Insurance, etc. I sincerely enjoy the family atmosphere in the Call Center, and the way people are always willing to assist you, if you need it. In the Call Center, we function as a family by assisting each other with our levels of knowledge in different areas. Having served in the military, it’s easier to explain military procedures to those Customer Care Representatives who have not, when they are having difficulties with understanding what a service member is talking about.

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